Time Sequence Codes

This is like a blueprint diagram of various timeline patterns that can be seen when exploring the facets of time travel in the light body which is connected with the energies of the universe and living matter.  It is about exploring the being that we have been, seeing where we are going, how our actions can create changes for the world and in our own emotional states.  


The above diagram represents a type of circuit that is like a road map which guides the mind, body, and soul on its path of exploration and connection with the higher self-consciousness as it discovers the higher dimensional aspects of what exists in various realities and the universe.


It feels like expanding and broadening the understanding of where everything begins in creation, how time sequence codes work, how soul memory within the DNA blueprints integrate with the organic aspects of the living soul in what is happening in one's life on the physical scale and the higher dimensional worlds that we travel to.


The mind may see things from a logical point of view but there is always a connection with the emotional higher soul when looking at timeline possibilities and the frequency of variables in what type of changes are made have an impact on both the individual and co-creative aspects of learning, exploring the past, present and the future through time travel.  Some have the abilities of changing events in time which is not linear but fluidic with a steady flow of energies connecting various timeline streams, this is done with respect to the outcomes of what happens, hopefully in positive ways as everything is interconnected biologically and also holographically impacting parallel worlds, universes, trans-dimensional portals, etc.


The above diagram is like a schematic showing that there is an interaction process happening between events both on the physical level and beyond that on the astral planes, parallel dimensions, other universes, etc. This can all happen simultaneously on various timelines as aspects of variables and possibilities of decisions being taken or of possibilities that could happen as we are looking at them, it’s like seeing the large picture of events, interacting with the minds of people on different planes of existence, examining actions that could be taken or not taken, making decisions after examining all outcomes as there is synchronization in how time, space, and temporal time travel is affected with changes to the fabric of space time continuum when creating goals, stated manifestations, and shifting the reality matrixes to create these outputs.  The factors and variables of probable timelines that can be created are linked energetically by the matchable frequencies within the foldable layers associated with those possibilities.  This could form a cohesive viability to make the probable timeline outcomes a reality, thereby having the associated energies match up into their aligned congruence which could create a sympathetic resonance when forming a reality change.  It is like imagining that the variable timelines have a tree with branches reaching outward with possibilities and we have the ability to have a look at those potential realities, see the string velocity output(s) associated with a probable timeline and shift energies in making changes to the quantum aspects of the realities already created or in the process of creation.  The string velocity output is like an energy code of varying light spectrums and choosing the matching combinations creates a harmonious sequence for the optimal directions of creating or changing a timeline outcome(s). This is going beyond the notions of string theory and the theory of relativity, branching outwards with our minds and intuition to think outside the box in order to explore the extraordinary and not just the ordinary facets of what can be created in different realities.


Time travel and viewing timelines can also be achieved through temporal technology and not just through natural psionic abilities, often time code sequences play a role in using the temporal technology of moving back and forth through time matrix densities and alternate realities.

The spiral layers of different timeline convergences and matrices of

various realitiy connections branching out in the universal creation. 

The timelines have different polarity shifts like for example zones of fluidic expansion, change, and constructs in seeing various possibilities of how events can occur or are even occurring as they are being viewed trans-dimensionally through the use of our higher senses of intuition.  It is like exploring the possibilities of seeing what was, what is and what can be from all angles of how timelines look energetically, vibrationally, etc. like living strings of connection.


There is a sense that multiple realities of existence are being viewed at the same time and there is no limitation to exploring the possible outcomes of the events being viewed as long as the outcomes are of the highest good in terms of their purposes and positive benefit to the occurrences happening in the timelines being explored.

Viewing multiple temporal gate way parameters while navigating in the trans-dimensional or hyperspace slip streams of timeline continuums.  It is like experiencing two points in time while looking at various timeline dimensional aspects from different angles of what can happen if there is a paradigm shift in reality.

The Fleur-De-Lis image symbolizes perfection, light, and life, and with the circle around it represents the exploration of higher dimensional aspects and reflections of reaching out towards the stars and space, seeing what exists energetically in the universe, becoming the co-creators of being able to manifest positive changes in one's life.  Going beyond just the five senses and traveling interdimensionally through gate way portals to other places in the universe, and accessing universal knowledge on the various levels of existence by broadening the scope of logical understanding in being in touch with the intuitive aspects of the emotional body thereby having a connection with the celestial states of higher vibrational fields for healing oneself, amplifying natural psychic abilities. etc.  As well as looking at the soul design aspects of who we are, bringing in new levels of energy frequencies in the aura layers of the light that is part of our souls, as we are evolving organically to reach our highest potentials.


Note:  Symbols and sacred geometry can have various meanings and they are used in the esoteric and occult teachings so it is important to know the meaning of the symbols and their purposes before deciding to work with images as they do have energetic impacts of soul connection.  This can work both in positive ways and in negative ways depending on what symbols or sacred geometry is utilized.